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Huddah Monroe

I am excited to be the first Hustle-preneur to work with Cellulant and Facebook as they launch Mula shops using Augmented Reality on Facebook Messenger. This is an opportunity for my company to give a unique online shopping experience of our beauty products to our customers in a way that has never happened before.

Ssonko Ismael

It came at the exact time I wanted it. I had MTN mobile money but my wife has an airtel line and she wanted to buy airtime. And only wished I could use my MTN mobile money.

Thanks for the innovation

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Cellulant’s online payment interface, Mula checkout, simplifies and secures online payment processing. Quickly integrate express checkout into your site to provide your users with a streamlined, mobile-ready payment experience that is constantly improving.

Accept payments across Africa from one single platform

Grow across Africa on the backbone of our payment infrastructure The payments infrastructure solutions that enable businesses around the world to accept and process payments on any payment channel of choice across Africa.

Mula is the ultimate payments platform in Africa built to facilitate simple, fast and secure payments between all people and businesses. Built on the foundation of simplicity giving incredibly fast and easy access to secure payments for everything one could want.

Mula for Social Commerce

Cellulant has recently extended product offerings on it’s Mula payment platform to include Mula Shops – a simple and convenient online shopping experience for the rising number of micro-merchants (or Hustle-preneurs) on social networking sites. Mula Shops integrates Augmented Reality into the Facebook Messenger where customers are able to discover and try products before they purchase./figcaption>

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Spend less time buying airtime and more time doing the things you love with the ones you love. Because every second counts

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Mula provides a payments infrastructure and solutions that enable businesses around the world to accept and process payments on any payment channel of choice

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We collect payments from our customers using several payment methods including mobile money, banks and credit cards on behalf of merchants

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Your customers can now complete payment transactions using multiple payment methods

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We will collect on your behalf across Africa and settle to your preferred settlement account providing real time visibility of your transactions

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